About Pomarina's Importer

Emporium Import Limited is a specialist alcohol importer, bringing to the UK market, some of the leading brands from Europe. Incorporated as a private company on the 24th July 2013, No. 8622565 the first product introduced will be the ‘Pomarina’ brand of Valle, Ballina and Fernández SA.

Valle, Ballina and Fernández SA has long been Spain’s leading Cider brewer and have produced quality Ciders for well over a 100 years. Their flagship brand, ‘El Gaitero’ (The Piper), is a firm favourite and is Spain's leading Cider, selling in excess of 25 million bottles annually. The new ‘Pomarina’ brand, launched in 2011, was the latest addition to their portfolio of quality Ciders. This unique Sparkling Brut Cider has already made an impact on the champagne market and it brings a fresh alternative apple taste to an already classic favourite drink.

Now It’s The Turn Of The ‘new Age Ciders’ And Pomarina Promises To Lead The Way

It took months of negotiation, which began in early 2013, for Emporium Import Ltd to secure the exclusivity on the Pomarina Brand and in April 2014 we will see the result of over a years hard work come to fruition when this superb cider will be launched onto the UK market. With such a high demand in Spain this ‘champagne’ of ciders was not an easy product to secure and Emporium Import Ltd had to commit to a large portion of the production run so that it will be readily available for the UK market.

In 2013, popularity of the product in Spain saw the product being sold out following the Christmas and New Year celebrations and this has cemented the brand firmly amongst the ‘celebration drinks’. Emporium Import Ltd envisage that Pomarina will emulate the same popularity in the UK and bring a new and exciting quality sparkling cider to be enjoyed alongside food or simply by itself.

About Pomarina

Getting Your Pomarina

Obtaining Pomarina could not be easier, simply go to the Order Online section where you will find instructions on how to place an order. If you are in the Licensing Trade you can telephone and speak to one of our sales team, they will be happy to give you the correct trade price. This will depend on the size of the order.

Unlike many companies, Emporium Import Ltd have decided to distribute the product direct to the end user and with this in mind their location in London offers a central location for the Head Office. From here an appointed courier company will be assigned to ensure a 48 hour delivery to the whole of the UK mainland. Delivery costs will be included within the prices and all customers will be given the same service albeit for 2 cases or 100 cases.


About Pomarina

Your Contacts

Gary and John Squibb, father and son, will head up the operation and offer a wealth of experience in business. The ethos being on personal service and a family commitment for excellence. At all times both will be available to handle any queries and these will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

All Office enquires by calling 01708 735567 or by emailing info@emporiumimport.co.uk